Temporary Visas

P Visas

P-1, P-2 & P-3

The P-1 visa is available for internationally recognized entertainment groups and sports teams. It requires a petition by a U.S. employer or agent, and an advisory consultation from a union or peer group. The P-2 visa is for workers in a reciprocal exchange program, typically through a foreign labor union that has a U.S. sister-organization and is usually handed directly by the union. The P-3 visa is available to groups and individual artists or entertainers who are coming to the U.S. to perform in a culturally unique discipline in which they have achieved distinction.

Culturally unique denotes a discipline historically associated with a particular national, ethnic or linguistic group, such as flamenco, gamelan or capoeira. Like the O-1 visa, this category also requires a petition by a U.S. employer or agent, and advisory consultation with a union or peer group. For P visas, the initial period of admission is up to three years, and the maximum stay allowed is five years.

Contact Karin Wolman is you have any questions about obtaining a P-1, P-2 or P-3 visa.